Local Weavers

On the same hike that yielded the thoughts and photos for the "Brave Little Toaster" entry, I saw an orange-yellow bird in some flowering trees near the parking area, so I yanked my camera out of the bag and snapped a few pictures. With the naked eye, it looked like this female Baltimore Oriole was pulling some fishing line from the tree, but on closer inspection of the photo, it looks more like the flossy seeds of the milkweeds that are just upwind of this tree.

Orioles weave hanging nest baskets, and May is the season of love and homebuilding—for these birds at least, so she's likely going to fly up into a tree nearby to add to or start a nest.

And sure enough, when she flew up into a much higher tree with her bounty and I kept shooting, I noticed that she was sharing a branch with a male of the same species. No doubt their nest is nearby.

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