Bubble Puppy

Andy came home with a bubble machine today, and between that, the long-awaited nice weather, and the fact that I haven't had my good camera out much in the last week, I thought it was time to try to catch a few photos of dogs and bubbles.


Murphy was a little nervous about the bubbles at first, but game as he is, he rebounds quickly and checks things out. Within a few minutes, he wasn't just unafraid: he was chasing and biting bubbles.


Jax has been sick for about a week, at one point even requiring IV fluids, but he finally rebounded, so it was a joy and a relief to see him bounding around with Murphy among the bubbles.


Comet was his usual irrepressible self, bounding about, having zoomies, grabbing toys, and generally enjoying the sun and the cool breeze.

And Murphy? Well, he's just as cute as anything, almost every single second.


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