Recall at 9 Weeks Old

In our house, we start training recall as one of the first skills we want a puppy to have. It starts with being exciting and fun, and when the pup comes over, you reward him with a fun party, with or without treats. Every time Murphy runs over to me, I throw him that kind of a party, and when I use treats, I encourage him to sit in front of me, often by feeding him a series of tiny treats. It also helps that we're working on sit as well, since that makes him more likely to offer one.

When he starts to get the idea, I'll say "Murphy, come!" when he's already on his way to me, so he starts to understand what that cue means.

In this video, I'm not sure enough that he'll turn and run to me when I say "Murphy, come!" but I'm 95% sure that he'll perk up at his name, because we've been working on it the whole hike and he's been having fun with it. I probably should have said "come" while he was on the way, but I was busy thinking about the camera and the treats and forgot.

But I'm still kinda proud of this video because he really snaps around and speeds over to me to get his party.

More on recall basics for puppies here.

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