Growing Fast

Today marked Murphy's sixth day with us, and it's like every morning I wake up to a different puppy. He's a little bigger and a lot bolder almost minute-by minute. One day he's just brave enough to touch the water, and the next he's wading chest deep.


He's also a lot more agile and fast. While he absolutely still does trip over his own feet and take massive floppy puppy tumbles, his top speed is much higher, and he can actually corner fairly well (when he's lucky).

He doesn't really do sit-stays yet, but I put the other boys on stay and walked back and forth between them, shooting pictures while Murphy walked toward me, and I got a reasonable facsimile of a daily stay picture. It won't be too long before he'll actually hold a stay long enough for a real one.

Spring and puppyhood are as long and as brief as the flowers on the trees, I suppose.

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