Silver Swimmer—Well, Almost...

Today we went out to the Supply Ponds park with some new friends from town and their lovely young Weimaraner, Ollie. Ollie's nine months old, which means he has most of his adult size, but he's still a very much a puppy.


Obviously Goldens have a special place in my heart, but Ollie reminded me of the fact that Weimaraners are striking, beautiful dogs with something in their expression that's regal and intense.

Goldens can obviously be regal and intense too, but I did notice that my pictures of Ollie didn't produce nearly the same ratio of silly faces that I typically get when I shoot Comet and Jax.


Ollie hasn't yet learned that he can swim, so we spent some time throwing sticks in the wide part of the brook, where it's just deep enough in the middle that you have to leave the safety of the ground under your paws in order to get some of the sticks. Comet and Jax did their absolute best to entice him into the water.


Ollie did splash almost to where he couldn't touch a couple of times, but he never quite committed to it. We'll get him next time!

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