Back to the Dock

Another summer means another week in New Hampshire and another chance to stand shoulder-deep in the water to take pictures of the dogs as they jump off the dock.

I didn't realize, looking back through entries, that the last time I did pictures like this was actually 2014.


This is also probably a good time to remind you, if you're new to, that on most pages, clicking on images will make a larger version pop up. And since the day was nice and bright, these came out very, very sharp.


Of course, this wasn't just a repeat of the pictures from two years ago. Not only are the boys a little older and grayer, but there's a new teammate joining the game. Murphy was a bit hesitant at first, but with some encouragement and the examples of his brothers, he took the plunge himself.


Not bad air for a little pup!

He's still a little hesitant, at least as compared to Comet and Jax, but as with everything else this game little puppy does, he's brave, persistent, and always up for a new challenge.


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