Puppy Visit

My parents are the proud owners of a new Golden Retriever puppy, River, and they dropped him off, along with Summer, for the weekend.

We haven't had a puppy in the house for a long time, with the notable exception of hosting Summer for the weekend in October 2013, and it was a real joy to revisit the fun and challenge of having a baby dog in the house.

It doesn't hurt that River is pretty easy, as puppies go, and utterly charming.


Summer's a full-grown dog now, and she and Jax are best buddies, always looking for a chance to tussle full-tilt with each other.

Comet reserves his playfighting for Jax pretty much exclusively, and he tires of puppy nonsense pretty easily, so while the other three were tussling, he was off sniffing around the rest of the yard.


But Jax and Summer gave River plenty of excitement and play, and did us a huge favor of tuckering out the puppy so he'd be a lot more manageable in the house. Though several gloves, socks, and shoes are moved gently to new locations when we turn our backs.

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